It's no surprise that we see an uptick in questions and service appointments at the Dave White Chevrolet Service Center as drivers around Toledo prepare for winter weather. The top-of-mind concern for winter driving is usually the condition of a vehicle's tires, and we tend to get many questions about whether drivers should switch to winter tires during the coldest months of the year. Our experts are your source of information for your winter vehicle maintenance needs around Perrysburg, and our Tire Center is available to cover all of your vehicle's most important safety features.

What are the Differences Between Winter and All-Season Tires?

Winter tires and all-season tires have distinct qualities that set them apart, and both have different benefits that help them perform best in the conditions that serve their particular design.

Winter tires are made of a softer rubber with deep treads to help maintain grip when snow or ice is present. They are a great option if you drive unpaved roads around Bedford or live in more remote areas when temperatures are below 45 degrees. If you opt for winter tires, you will need to swap them out before summertime because the softer rubber will wear out faster in warmer weather.

All-season tires are rated for a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Since Maumee, OH, experiences a relatively mild range of seasonal variations, well-maintained all-season tires can perform adequately for road conditions in our area throughout the year. All-season tires are made of a rubber material that responds well to a wide range of temperatures. The problem starts when temperatures are below 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit when the rubber becomes stiff in the cold resulting in less grip and traction. In Sylvania, we tend to experience temperatures below 44.6 degrees for about three months: December, January, and February. It may be worth switching to winter tires during these months if you are looking to get the safest performance and drive a lot in winter weather.

Tire Services in Sylvania, OH

It's not too late to check off your winter maintenance services! Our service technicians can swap out your tires or perform simple maintenance to ensure your tires are in optimum condition, no matter the weather. You can schedule all your appointments conveniently online or call us to speak with our experts about how you can stay safe on the roads this winter.

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