Car shoppers have several options when it comes to vehicle financing. Securing an auto loan is a popular option with many benefits, but you can also lease your new vehicle. Each option has its perks, and the differences between these auto finance options are sure to pull you one way or the other. Choosing between financing and leasing isn't always simple, but the auto finance center at our Sylvania Chevy dealership has experts to guide you through it. Read on to know the differences between auto financing and leasing.

Benefits of a Car Loan

We know that drivers take pride in owning their vehicles. Securing a car loan is the first step in that, and it's simple when working with us. Owning your vehicle means that you can make all the modifications you want, from bumper stickers to different tires to various accessories. Car loans often require more money down and have higher monthly payments, but financing is a better long-term investment than leasing.

Benefits of Leasing a New Chevy Model near Perrysburg

Our team is just as helpful with new Chevy leases near Toledo. This auto finance option is popular among many types of car shoppers, from first-time buyers to those who plan to change to a new model in a few years. Vehicle lease agreements are often shorter than car loans and provide more short-term affordability, including zero-down Chevy leases. Leases come with mileage limits and you can't modify these vehicles, but you'll have warranty coverage the entire time you're driving your vehicle.

Learn More from Our Auto Finance Professionals near Maumee, OH

Both financing and leasing have their benefits, and either option provides you with a terrific new Chevy model that you'll love to drive. Be sure to reach out if you're just starting to consider new Chevy models for sale near Bedford or are in the final stages of your purchase!

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