It's Simple and Easy to Get Top Dollar For Your Vehicle in Sylvania, Ohio Even If You Have a Loan or a Lease

Looking to sell your car in Sylvania, Ohio? Dave White Chevy is ready to pay you handsomely for your vehicle. Joe Mehling, Executive Manager at Dave White Chevy says that selling your car to our northern Ohio dealership is quick & convenient:

“One of the great things is we’re going to give you top dollar. We are going to give you more than anyone else will. And if you have a payoff on a loan, we can set it up so we can pay your car off to whatever bank you have your loan and then we can give you the equity in a separate check. There are a lot of things we can do to make it easy for you. It is one stop shopping so you do not have to worry about anything. We handle the titling for you as far as you giving us the title or we have to get the title from the bank. That is all taken care of. But if you sell your car to a private owner, then you have to worry about the titling and if there is a loan, dealing with the bank. At Dave White Chevy, we take care of all those things one hundred percent.”

How Long Will Selling My Car Take?

Joe says that they process is pretty quick.

“It can take as long as half hour to forty minutes. It should not take any longer than that for sure. You bring your car in, we have one of our folks take a look at the car, check the value, tell you what we feel your vehicles is worth, get all the pertinent information from you.”

What's My Car Worth in Sylvania, OH?

For an initial value, go to Kelly Blue Book at or get an Instant Cash Offer for your car from our dealership.

Do I Need My Car's Title to Sell it to a Dealership?

Having the title is important, but if you don’t have it that’s OK, Dave White Chevy will help you get it. Joe tells us why:

“If you have the title, you sign the title off to us, we write you a check and off you go. If there is a payoff, we call and verify that information and we turn around a write you a check for whatever equity you have and give the balance to the bank. You are always going to want to bring your title with you that is important. That title is every bit as important as the vehicle itself. That proves ownership.”

Here’s how Dave White can help you get your title if you do not have it.

“We can help you with that. Your vehicle has a title number, every title has a number. We can call the title agency and get that number for you. And all you have to do is go apply to get the title.”

Is Now a Good Time to Sell My Car in Sylvania, Ohio?

The value of used cars is very high right now. Joe explains why:

“The market is different than anytime that I have been in the car business and that’s going on 35 years. Used cars are at an all time high. Vehicle values are higher than they have ever been. There’s a shortage of used cars nationwide, so if you do bring your car out here, you’re going to be surprised at how much money your vehicle is going to be worth. Even if you have a lease and everybody thinks they cannot get out of a lease early, honest to goodness, we are taking people out of their leases early every day right now because they actually have equity in their vehicles, based on current market conditions.”

Here’s a recent article from Consumer Reports with more details:

Can I Sell My Car Near Toldeo If I'm Currently In a Lease?

Even if you are leasing, you can still sell your car to Dave White Chevy. Joe tells us why:

“When you lease your car, you get a guaranteed value. So in the contract, it tells you what the bank or wherever you’re getting your lease from is guaranteeing the value of what your vehicle will be worth for you to purchase when your lease is done. That is a guess based on history and currently that history is out the window. That is why people have equity in their cars because usually it is a very conservative number that they put on the cars so if they have to take it back to the auction later to sell it off so they do not get hurt overvaluing the trade or lease terms. So now in this day and age, a lot of people have equity in their leases.”

Call or come by today and sell your vehicle to Dave White Chevy. Our Sylvania dealership is proud to serve drivers throughout the greater Toledo region!