We at Dave White Chevrolet are very excited to be able to make your life easy throughout this crisis. We have an incredible selection of models that you can look through, and we have kept our service center open throughout this pandemic. We know that servicing your vehicle can often times not wait. And that is just one reason that we are here to help you out. We welcome the Toledo, Perrysburg, and Temperance MI areas to reach out to us today to find out just how we can help them have an easy servicing experience.

New Servicing Resources

We are proud to offer a long list of new servicing resources for you to utilize. We have a huge selection of options for you to take advantage of, and we work tirelessly to help ensure that you are taken care of. Firstly, we can both pickup and deliver your vehicle for service appointments. This enables us to help keep you, and keep our employees safe through this frightening pandemic. With this as an option, we know that you will feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to servicing your vehicle.

Services Offered

We are proud to be able to offer you a long list of services. We can be the perfect place for you to take up your routine maintenance. Whether your vehicle needs an oil change, a tire rotation or a state inspection, we are the place to call. We can also help you to get your vehicle back on the road after an accident or a fender bender. We put you first in every way, and continually offering our service department is truly one way to prove that. We welcome the Sylvania, OH, and the Bedford, and Lambertville, MI, areas to reach out to us today with any questions or concerns.

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